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Reading Student

Many parents come to my practice for help with their kids at school. If a child's performance is slumping, I will typically recommend that parents get an educational assessment done and consider private tutoring. The educational assessment gives everyone a baseline on a child’s capability and identifies problematic learning disabilities. Tutoring may follow to help the child catch up to grade level.

I get rave reviews for the following two practitioners. 

Educational Assessment

Betty Jones, Ph.D

425 455-2938

Her group at Diagnostic Associates for educational assessment. 


Cynthia Johnson, M.A.

425 417-7984  |

Cynthia is especially talented in her work with kids with Autism Spectrum Disorder and ADHD.

Internet Gaming Addiction Assessment

Some children also have issues with overuse of computerized media such as Youtube or video games. In that case, I will suggest that the seriousness of this issue be evaluated before a family schedules with me. I heartily endorse the services of Hilarie Cash, Ph.D. and her colleagues at the reStart center in Redmond for this upfront diagnostic.

800 682-6934  |

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