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Tutors & Testers


Many parents come to my practice for help with their kids at school. If a child's performance is slumping, I will typically recommend that parents get a good tutor in place who understands the impact of ADHD, autism, and other psychological conditions on learning and school success.  Such a person is the co-author of my book, Breaking the Trance: A Practical Guide for Parenting the Screen-dependent Child.  She is Cynthia Johnson, MA. She may be contacted at:

Cynthia Johnson, M.A.

(425) 417-7984  |  |


Internet Gaming Addiction Assessment

Some children also have issues with overuse of computerized media such as Youtube or video games. In that case, I will suggest that the seriousness of this issue be evaluated before a family schedules with me. I heartily endorse the services of Hilarie Cash, Ph.D. and her colleagues at the reStart Center in Redmond, WA for this upfront diagnostic.

Hilarie Cash, Ph.D

(800) 682-6934  |

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