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Practice Areas


Depression & Anxiety Therapy

I work with clients to change factors in their lives that take away their sense of control and I help them look at their lives so as to be more expectant of success and less expectant of failure.  I acknowledge the psychological and physical pain of depression and strive not to go too fast in the therapeutic process.”  

Marriage & Relationship Counseling

I am somewhat directive in my approach and greatly value humor and creativity in the process. I consider myself successful if my clients experience some new small or large "aha!" each session. People change over the years. Counseling is an opportunity to bring the relationship up to speed with that change. I consider the strongest marriages to occur between two strong individuals. To quote the 19th century philosopher Tielhard de Chardin, “Love is approaching center to center and heart to heart."

Divorce & Separation Counseling

I help individuals and couples sort out their feelings around continuation of their marriage. I work with parents who wish to continue a positive post-divorce collaboration for their own benefit and for the kids’ example.

Grief & Stress Counseling

The grief process cracks a person open. I feel honored to witness the process people go through as survivors. I build on many years as a stress management trainer to help individuals be resourceful and hardy in the face of stress.

Career & Job Counseling

I help people navigate office politics so as to build personal productivity and satisfaction.  I work with people to identify their life-long core attributes so as to deploy these gifts into the world.  I especially enjoy working with people who are “atypical” such as those on the autism spectrum, ADHD, Tourette’s syndrome, or Bipolar Disorder.

Screen Dependency

I work with parents of children who have problems with video gaming, You Tubewatching or social media, to establish practices and values in a child’s life that will move him or her toward success at school and in personal life.  To get a stronger sense of my priorities in this domain please check out the book I co-authored with educator Cynthia Johnson titled Breaking the Trance: A Practical Guide for Parenting the Screen Dependent Child.

Phone Consultation

I provide telephone consultations for parents and professionals. If you would like to schedule a phone consultation, please call my office phone at 425-454-1787.

A consultation is not a counseling session. It is intervention planning—an opportunity to get my ideas on the problem that your are dealing with to include strategies for remediation.


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